Berlin School Of Popular Arts

Since 2020 I'm a lecturer at the SOPA Berlin, part of the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences. My classes at the SOPA are Piano Major/Hauptfach and Ensemble Playing. For my Popular Music (B.Mus.) and Music Production (B.A.) students I often put the focus on groove and listening.

Private Lessons

I don't offer regular private piano lessons, but I do give irregular teaching sessions to bring new input and feedback on your personal journey as a pianist. This is very useful for independent learners, but rather unsuitable for children and beginners. If you are interested, just drop me an email.

Tastenbass Workshops

Training the independence of both hands is an ongoing challenge in a pianist's life anyway and being also the band's bass player means to give your left hand great focus. Why? Because bass matters! That's why I offer Tastenbass / keyboard bass workshops for universities, schools and single musicians.

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